Refund Policy

  • Refund can be initiated by a User, using the Feedback link on or by writing to or by calling the customer care number, if the User is unsatisfied with the responses received against a Listing posted using the Refund Package provided by the Company.
  • For claiming any Refund, there should be atleast one property posted using the package.
  • User shall be first offered an extension of duration for the Listing that was posted using Refund Package for Free, to evaluate the responses again.
  • If the user is still not satisfied with the responses offered after the duration is extended, Refund shall be initiated by the Company.
  • Refund can be initiated within the lifetime of the listing (i.e. 60 days from date of posting).
  • Refund can only be initiated against the same Order ID & Customer Name as mentioned during Order Booking.
  • Order Booking should be in the Client’s name as the refund will be processed in the same name.
  • For orders that were paid through online payment modes, the refunds will be processed after deduction of charges incurred by the Payment Gateway.
  • Refunds will be processed within 30 business days from receipt & acceptance of all relevant documents.



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